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The music of my life.

One of my favs that i did a few hours ago.

Model Vicky Lawrence chilling in the back seat on the way to do a shoot.

We finally arrived in Rostock Germany,hitching rides all the way from Den Haag city in the Netherlands. We had not much money left and found this punk squat and spoke to the owner who had a careful look at us and offered a space on the stage in the basement to which we accepted and slept there for 5 nights. We arrived at the squat which looked quite intimidating from the outside with graffiti everywhere and and blocked out windows. The first night It was cold and we had no blankets to which one of the girlfriends of the guys brought us a blanket each while we were shivering whilst trying to sleep in the early hours of the morning. I remember never being so grateful for a blanket at that time. We got to meet everyone in the squat and every body was so nice and interested in us. They offered up the usage of their stoves for us to wash and make food for ourselves. Everybody in the squat had jobs during the day time and only the drug dealers would be at home during the day to which we got our supply of weed from. It was snowing throughout the the 5 days and we spent every morning going to the bakery’s buying some decent bread rolls and coffee and planing our next move. No one spoke hardly any English and we spent most of the time listening to others and trying to talk back in sign language which is very fun especially after a few bongs of hash. After spending two weeks on the road hitchhiking through Germany in the winter and two months working at a hostel in the Netherlands I ran out of money and had to fly back home to Cape Town, South Africa.   

A quick pen sketch of my great grandmother. “Sannie”

This was my final exhibition for my graduation from art school at which I studied photography major for 3 years.
These are confiscated weapons and objects from a reformatory school that I grew up in the 1990’s until 2002. My father was deputy headmaster of the school and dealt with most of the discipline. He kept all the confiscated stuff in a box in the garage of our house and I dug it up recently and decided to use the objects as fine art photography pieces for my final exhibition, which was a success.
These objects were confiscated because they posted a threat to pupils,staff and public safety. 

Rostock, Germany.
Winter 2012.

My First Teaching

To live is to listen and trust your intuition like that one wondering ant you see wondering along who seems lost does, to find the sugar in the house and goes off to tell the other little ants about it. Notice how it’s strength lies in its intuition and its weakness lies in it’s intelligence. This is a type of balance of all living things in this universe. We as humans are the most balanced creatures in on this earth. our weakness is our imbalance with our minds and our hearts and our strength is our alinement with both.

-this is my little paradox on a aspect of living.

Arrived in Bremen,Germany late in the night and checked into a pack packers hostel. We spent 2 days here in the city catching up on some rest and to stock up on supplies and treated ourselves nicely as a reward for getting ourselves half way to our destination.

Hitching at that stage to Munster to get closer Hamburg. waited 2 hours at this spot in Lunen for a lift. We managed to get a lift into Bremen later that evening, which was further than we expected to go thanks to an awesome couple in their BMW who took us quite a long way. 

We arrived In Germany at 10 o’ clock in the night in a small town called Bottrop. We said thanks to our drivers who stopped off at one of their mothers house to go fetch her for some other reason I can’t remember. So we walked to the city center looking for a place to sleep. After no success we decided to walk into a local pup. After putting our bags down and getting to the bar do we realize how everyone in the pub are looking at us, in a confused complex manna. Obviously this town does not get many tourists, especially from South Africa. After introducing ourselves to everyone in the pub so did the rounds of beers introduce themselves to us too. Felt like i was in Nazi Germany, with these all old German men that were very nice but also interesting looking. The problem was none of these people spoke any English. So the whole night Alex and I were trying our bests to make sense of these drunk people were ‘shuraiding’ to us . 

The time came to find a room and it worked out by chance that the bar lady said they have a room available upstairs and its going to cost 20 Euros per night which was sweeet and so we took this kiff spacious room with 2 beds a TV which we watched German porn from and laughing through the night at ourselves to our situation we in.

We were told that there is carnival happening tat morning in the town centre and that these two oldish married couple that we met that night were going to meet us downstairs by the bar at 11:00am and take us to it. We overslept like travelers often do and were awoken with a bang on our door telling us to get ready and meet downstairs in 15 minutes. Did not care at that point of some stupid carnival thingy but it would of been to rude not to go with our new traveler guides who were so keen. It was poes could that morning.
Everyone in the street in dressed up into their original fancy and are all in this bus with us on our way to the carnival. Hoy crap only then did it hit me how massive this festival was for a small town. Everyone was drinking on the street. Peach snaps thrown and given to everyone. Authentic music coming from every corner and pubs are packed with people and laughter everywhere. I must take my hats out to the East Germans, they know how to party and let loose.
We had the best local town guides ever. They were so hip and they knew everyone almost in the town and they introduced us to all their friends.
They gave us shots, bought us food, and collected sweets for us. The lady was so sweet and beautiful. I can see her being a cool party girl back in the day. The man didn’t say much but you could tell that he liked us. 
Later that day all our hash got taken away us from the city police when we were drunk and stupid , trying the burn the hash and make a hash joint just outside a bar with some other youngsters that we met that day.  
We stayed in Bottrop for 2 nights and walked to the last bus station on the outskirts of town where we played hacky sack for a bit feeling jolly and heading north.

“My arrows are made of desire, far away as Jupiter sulfur mines, way down by the methylamine sea.” -Jimi Hendrix