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We finally arrived in Rostock Germany,hitching rides all the way from Den Haag city in the Netherlands. We had not much money left and found this punk squat and spoke to the owner who had a careful look at us and offered a space on the stage in the basement to which we accepted and slept there for 5 nights. We arrived at the squat which looked quite intimidating from the outside with graffiti everywhere and and blocked out windows. The first night It was cold and we had no blankets to which one of the girlfriends of the guys brought us a blanket each while we were shivering whilst trying to sleep in the early hours of the morning. I remember never being so grateful for a blanket at that time. We got to meet everyone in the squat and every body was so nice and interested in us. They offered up the usage of their stoves for us to wash and make food for ourselves. Everybody in the squat had jobs during the day time and only the drug dealers would be at home during the day to which we got our supply of weed from. It was snowing throughout the the 5 days and we spent every morning going to the bakery’s buying some decent bread rolls and coffee and planing our next move. No one spoke hardly any English and we spent most of the time listening to others and trying to talk back in sign language which is very fun especially after a few bongs of hash. After spending two weeks on the road hitchhiking through Germany in the winter and two months working at a hostel in the Netherlands I ran out of money and had to fly back home to Cape Town, South Africa.   

  • 15 July 2013
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